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We invest with media advertising as venture capital in small and mid-size companies in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Companies with an increased marketing budget that can considerably improve their development and thereby increase the value for the owners.

About Aggregate

Aggregate is a venture capital company investing with media as expansion capital - media for equity. Since the start 2002, Aggregate has made over 180 transactions in a variety of industries; e-commerce, digital services, product- and B2B-companies etc. Aggregate target companies which today are not able to maximize the effect on their market, in lack of capital for media advertising.

Investment model

The investments are made from funds (I-VIII) which are owned by 15 of Sweden´s largest media companies across all media types. Simply described this means that a defined marketing budget, consisting of advertising in a broad media mix, is offered to the companies. In return, ownership in companies will mainly be taken as shares. The media mix consists of advertising in television, radio, business & specialist press, magazines, daily press, online and outdoor advertising.


The investment is preferably done through set-off issue, but can practically be solved in several ways. Aggregate prefers investments in steps based on jointly defined goals, and often with right of options and convertibles linked to the investment, to be able to find the optimal solutions for all parties.

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